Hello! I'm Tim Harcourt-Powell. I’m a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and multimedia producer based in a pleasant green space just outside of London, UK.
I'm also the co-founder and creative director of UNPACK - a multimedia studio specialising in storytelling and research communications.
I collaborate with a wide range of organisations working to make the world a better place helping them communicate in creative, thoughtful, and visually attractive ways. 
When I’m not glued to my laptop or drawing tablet, you can usually find me trying to keep up with my toddler, listening to my slowly growing record collection, or reading. I’m also a big fan of good coffee and sticking googly eyes on things.
​​​​​​​Previous clients include:
UK Government (Conflict, Stability and Security Fund)
Chatham House
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Crown Agents (HARP-F)
Development Initiatives
Global Alliance for the Future of Food
NRC (NorCap, CashCap)
CaLP Network

Training and Education:
Intermediate Illustration
School of Motion | 2019 
Advanced 2D Animation
School of Motion | 2020 

Intro to 2D Character Animation
School of Motion | 2021
International Relations BSc | UOLIP/LSE
Creative Music Production BA | MMU
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