The second in the Youth and Technology series from ODI, this animation shares the key findings and policy recommendations from a policy brief produced as an output of the global consultation on youth and digital technologies in sub-Saharan Africa.​ Following the story of a female entrepreneur in Zambia, this character driven piece explores the opportunities and challenges faced by digital economy workers across Africa.

The main character, Namwali, protesting

An animation test of the main character

“...creative, professional, followed the brief and were very responsive to our queries. The final animation was vibrant and dynamic and we hope make an impact with our messaging!”
— Aaron Bailey-Athias, Senior Communications Officer, ODI

The opening scene of the animation

Background and collateral elements to support the narrative

Behind the scenes

Some very early storyboarding and brainstorming drafts

The final animation

Watch the full, English language version of the animation here 👉

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